What plants are good for my pool?

Plants can make or break the total pool package at any home. Many home owners do not realize that trees and plants can drive up the total expense of your pool over the years. Leaves entering the water is the main reason why algae grows in any pool, its food for the algae! Also, plant roots can cause major damage to pool shells and plumbing if not placed properly.

The key to planting success is to select plants that don’t require regular pruning, or those that don’t shed berries or needles. You’ll also want to avoid anything that will drop leaf litter onto your pool or the surrounding area, meaning that anything that hangs overhead just won’t do.

Along the same lines, there are a number of plants that you’ll want to avoid as they have a potential to damage your pool surroundings via their root systems. Bamboo is one of these species, according to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association. Umbrella trees and rubber trees should also be on your “under no circumstances” list, as they very commonly cause problems with pools in particular due to things like underground plumbing and paving.

Keep these notes in mind and you’re sure to avoid many troubles in your pool’s future! 





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